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  • High Definition Plasma Cutting

    Accurate and Very Fast ///More Info

    High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • High-Def Plasma Beveling

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  • Press Brake

    400 Tons of Bending power with a 14 Foot bed! ///More Info

    Press Brake
  • Water Jet

    Water Jet Cutting is best used on non-metals, and is quick and accurate. ///More Info

    Water Jet
  • Oxy-Fuel

    The old tried and true way of cutting metal, very cost effective. ///More Info

  • Drill Press

    Machine precision boring with accurate repeatability. ///More Info

    Drill Press
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Press Brake

Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

Mid-South Metals Press Brake is a (CNC) computer numerically controlled unit that is fully automated with extensive bending and cutting capacity, along with networking functions. A hydraulic press brake is designed to handle tough industrial production jobs from a single-cycle operations to automated cell components. Press Brakes can cut, bend, and punch cold steel. A hydraulic press brake utilizes electro hydraulic control that is based on linear measurements and a control system, which provides reliable, accurate operation.

Mid-South Metals pride ourselves on our quality”

Mid-South Metals Provides:

400 Ton Press Brake 14′ Bed x 10” deep or 12′ Bed by 48” Deep Capable of bending.

Capable of Bending:

  • 1/4” and under x 14 Feet Long x 10” Deep
  • 3/8” and under x 12 Feet Long x 35”– 48” Deep
  • 1/2” x 10 Feet Long x 35” — 48” Deep
  • 3/4” x 4 Feet Long x 35” — 48” Deep