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  • High Definition Plasma Cutting

    Accurate and Very Fast ///More Info

    High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • High-Def Plasma Beveling

    Accurate and Very Fast ///More Info

  • Press Brake

    400 Tons of Bending power with a 14 Foot bed! ///More Info

    Press Brake
  • Water Jet

    Water Jet Cutting is best used on non-metals, and is quick and accurate. ///More Info

    Water Jet
  • Oxy-Fuel

    The old tried and true way of cutting metal, very cost effective. ///More Info

  • Drill Press

    Machine precision boring with accurate repeatability. ///More Info

    Drill Press
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Services Overview

We offer an array of metal processes: (1) High-Definition Plasma, (2) High-Definition Plasma Beveling, (3) Oxy-Fuel Burning, (4) Water-Jet Cutting, (5) Press Break, and (6) Drill Press. Also, upon customer request, we do outsource machining and welding capabilities.


By far our most popular process is High-Definition Plasma, due to its extreme accuracy coupled with high-speed capabilities. We stock most carbon, stainless, and aluminium that we process in a controlled facility and can get any exotics within a reasonable amount of time. When our customers receive their finished product, whether kitted or individual parts, it is ready to use with no clean up required.

Services List

All calls are handled in a centralized location by an extremely qualified and professional inside account representatives. We have locations in Shreveport, LA, Houston, TX, and Fort Worth, TX, allowing us to offer complementary delivery to most of our business partners in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas areas.

  • High-Definition Plasma Cutting
    • Up to 2” in Carbon Steel and 1-3/4” in Stainless
    • 360 degree contour beveling including Y, K, A, and V bevels with ± 50 degree angles
  • Oxy-Fuel Burning
    • Up to 8” in Carbon Steel In-House and can Outsource up to 24”
  • Water-Jet Cutting
    • To tolerances of ± 0.01″ and repeatable accuracies as close as ± 0.003
  • Material Press Brake
    • 400 Ton, 14 Foot Bed (1/2” Carbon – 10 Feet Long)
  • Drill Press Applications
  • Outsource Precision Machining
  • Outsource Welding
  • AutoCad Capable
  • Scribing Capable
  • Kit whole projects