Hydraulic Press Brakes

Mid-South Metals Press Brakes are a (CNC) computer numerically controlled unit that is fully automated with extensive bending and cutting capacity, along with networking functions. Hydraulic press brakes are designed to handle tough industrial production jobs from single-cycle operations to automated cell components. Press Brakes can cut, bend, and punch cold steel. A hydraulic press brake utilizes electro-hydraulic control that is based on linear measurements and a control system, which provides reliable accurate operation.

Mid-South Metal Provides:

Up to 500 Ton Press Brake 24′ Bed x 20” deep or 20′ Bed by 48” Deep Capable of bending:

1/4” and under x 24 Feet Long x 12” Deep Up to 90 Degrees and 14 Feet Long x 10″ Deep Up to 150 Degrees
3/8” and under x 18 Feet Long x 48” Deep Up to 90 Degrees and 5    Feet Long x 48″ Deep Up to 105 Degrees
1/2” x 10 Feet Long x 48” Deep Up to 90 Degrees
3/4” x 6 Feet Long x 48” Deep Up to 90 Degrees

Press Brakes - Mid South Metals
Press Brakes - Mid South Metals

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