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We offer an array of metal processing services: (1) High-Definition Plasma, (2) High-Definition Plasma Beveling, (3) Oxy-Fuel Burning, (4) Water-Jet Cutting, (5) Press Brake, (6) Laser Cutting and (7) CNC Plate Machine. Also, upon customer request, we do outsource machining and welding capabilities. We offer our business partners extremely high quality, ready-to-use metal components in faster than industry standard time, saving our business partners both time and money in their manufacturing process and/or results. We act as a seamless extension of our business partners’ production or shop.

By far our most popular process is High-Definition Plasma, due to its extreme accuracy coupled with high-speed capabilities. We stock most carbon, stainless, and aluminium that we process in a controlled facility and can get any exotics within a reasonable amount of time. When our customers receive their finished product, whether kitted or individual parts, it is ready to use with no clean up required.

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