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    About Us
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  • High Definition Plasma Cutting

    Accurate and Very Fast ///More Info

    High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • High-Def Plasma Beveling

    Accurate and Very Fast ///More Info

  • Press Brake

    400 Tons of Bending power with a 14 Foot bed! ///More Info

    Press Brake
  • Water Jet

    Water Jet Cutting is best used on non-metals, and is quick and accurate. ///More Info

    Water Jet
  • Oxy-Fuel

    The old tried and true way of cutting metal, very cost effective. ///More Info

  • Drill Press

    Machine precision boring with accurate repeatability. ///More Info

    Drill Press
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    Contact Us


Mid-South Metals, LLC (Non-Sales Correspondence)
3849 Southern Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71106
318-424-5009 office
318-401-9005 fax
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637 Montgomery Drive
Shreveport, LA 71107
318-424-5002 office
318-424-5015 fax
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3201 N. Sylvania Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76111
817-838-8000 office
817-838-8004 fax
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7222 Clinton Drive
Houston, TX 77020
713-674-5002 office
713-674-5000 fax
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1031 N. Columbia Pl.
Tulsa, OK 74110
918-835-8055 office
918-835-3039 fax
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