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Beyond cost cutting, the water jet process is recognized as the most versatile and fastest growing process in the world. No heat affected zones or mechanical stresses are left on a waterjet cut surface. It is truly a versatile, productive, cold cutting process. The basic technology is both simple and extremely complex. At its most basic, water flows from a pump, through plumbing, and out a cutting head. It is simple to explain, operate and maintain. The process, however, incorporates extremely complex materials technology and design. Water jet cutting is a perfect tool for cutting high strength materials such as Inconel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Mid-South Metal Provides:

Water jet cutting up 10” material. Accuracies vary with material and thickness, but generally, we hold repeatable cuts with accuracies as close as ±0.003.

We stock A36, A514(T1), A516-70, A572-50, AR400, AR235, 1040, 4140, 304L, 316L, and some Aluminium plate. It is most common that the customer provides Mid-South Metals with all non-metallic materials to be water jet.

Water Jet Cutting - Mid South Metals
Water Jet Cutting - Mid South Metals

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